Kanye West Wants a Baby Shower for Himself, Because Duh

kim kardashianNow, that's unconventional! Apparently Kanye West wants a baby shower for himself. Because of course he does. According to sources, the father-to-be thinks he should be showered with a lavish party, celebrating him as a soon-to-be father of a baby boy. 


Now, not sure how much truth there is to this, but according to Hollywood Life, a source said, "Kanye’s super excited because he’s always wanted a baby boy. His excitement is borderline crazy though. He’s told Kim that instead of having a traditional baby shower where everyone brings baby gifts and celebrates the mother, he wants a 'Yeezus Shower' where all the guests will celebrate Kanye and fatherhood!" Huh?

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I have to be honest here. Kanye's an eccentric, over-the-top dude, but I'm not sure I believe that he wants a party celebrating himself and fatherhood instead of a traditional baby shower. Perhaps in conjunction to? But, instead? That would be cray. 

No doubt, Kim will have a gorgeous and elaborate baby shower, celebrating the birth of her second child -- as she should! She's carrying the sweet bundle! So, if the shower is one that's "girls only," Kanye should totally go out with his boys and do some celebrating themselves, as well. He may not be doing the work that Kim is right now, but he is, after all, one half of the parenting equation. 

Kanye, I say you celebrate this new chapter of your life. But, let's let Kim do some celebrating, too. After all, it would be insanely weird if just you had a baby shower. Like, really weird. 


Image via Splash News

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