Prince Harry Shows Off Football Skills We Never Knew He Had (VIDEO)

Prince Harry is one step closer to becoming an honorary American. While participating in the Walking With the Wounded trek in Great Britain this past week, Prince Harry and NFL legend Dan Marino played football -- and, yes, you can bet there is a video to prove it happened.


Everyone knows Prince William's younger brother shares his passion for rugby and sport, but who would have thought that extended to American football? During the 1,000-mile, 72-day trek, Harry and Marino, who played for the Miami Dolphins, got to hang out and decided to throw a football around for fun. And, according to Marino, the prince wasn't half bad, either -- he told Today that Harry's football skills were "great, actually."

Judge for yourself -- here they are:

If you're wondering what "laces out" (which Harry called out on the field) actually means, he's referring to a memorable line from the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, in which Marino had a small role. So, that marks two times in one day that Harry proved he can easily pack his bags and make a permanent move to the U.S.

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Harry actually seems to be more invested in America than most royals -- he's bringing his Invictus games to Florida next spring and is expected to travel to Washington, DC, at the end of the month. He had himself a royal ball in Las Vegas (shameful pun absolutely, totally intended) and "saved" a woman who was thrown into a pool at a California hotel with all of her clothing on. It's only a matter of time before he attends the MTV Movie Awards with Katy Perry on his arm -- actually, he strikes me as more Team Taylor, but she's taken by a certain superstar Scottish DJ.

Just another reason why we American women love Harry so much -- he seems to love us right back. That and the fact that his beard just keeps giving back.


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