Andy Cohen Basically Says All the 'Housewives' Hate Brandi Glanville

Well, someone in the know has finally confirmed it. Brandi Glanville is the most hated Real Housewife of them all. And not just according to LeAnn Rimes. Andy Cohen was on The Howard Stern Show this week, and dished to the host about the notorious former cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Cohen first asserted that he doesn't hate Brandi, even though he's pretty sure she thinks he does. In fact, he said that he'd "love" to have her back on the show for the sixth season.

Rumors abounded when it was announced that Brandi wouldn't be returning to the Bravo series -- and a lot of people thought that she might have been fired. She's said that it was just time for her to make her exit, but you know how gossip is.

Anyway, Andy talked about Brandi's relationship with the other women on the series, and said, "The issue with Brandi was she got isolated to a point over two seasons where she was on an island. She is now in a place where none of them want to be with her."

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He also hinted that just because Brandi's no longer a regular, don't count her out of the series entirely. She's likely to turn up as a guest at some point or another.

Then Stern asked if the other housewives "genuinely hate" Glanville, and he replied candidly, "Yeah. And by the way, Brandi hates them."

Watch the interview to hear the man himself confirm what we've always suspected. Poor Brandi ... we'd feel worse for her if she weren't so unpleasant.


Image via thebrandiglanville/Instagram

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