Queen Elizabeth Carries Wads of Cash on Sundays -- Wait Until You Hear Why

Though she has 340 million of them and her face is on every single one, six out of seven days of the week Queen Elizabeth is way above one pound notes. But that seventh day is Sunday, and a palace source admitted to Us Weekly that even the Queen stoops so low as to carry cash on Sundays ... for the collection basket at Church.


Here's the best part: According to Us Weekly (via Yahoo), QE doesn't just shove a couple bills in her pocket (do Queens have pockets?) or even fold them neatly in her purse. Instead, she apparently has her butler iron five pound notes and fold them in small squares so just her face is showing. This is amazing.

Imagine getting to carry around an ironed photo of yourself that, when given to someone else, inspires awe and gratitude?? This woman is living the dream, I tell you.

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So what else does she carry around in her small, regal purse? In 2012, her biographer explored this very topic. Somehow, I can't imagine the Queen of England dumping out her purse so a random woman can paw through her stuff, but this or something similar did happen and now we know the Queen favors: mint lozenges, reading glasses, a fountain pen, lipstick, a compact, and tissues.

Very respectable. No embarrassing ticket stubs or year-old granola bars for HRH.

So the Queen never carries cash, and we've got to assume it's the same way for most of the royals. I mean, can you picture Kate reaching for a bill and dropping change all over the floor? It's unavoidable but not very dignified ... so why not avoid the problem altogether? It's the royal thing to do.


Image via Splash News

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