Prince Harry Cites Mom Princess Diana as His Number One Influence

For a few years of his young life, Prince Harry was known for being the royal sibling who partied hard — but that image is quickly changing, thanks to all of the amazing charity work he performs on a regular basis. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree: Prince Harry credits his late mom Princess Diana for sparking his desire to help others in need.


The 31-year-old prince participated in a 17-mile trek this week for Walking With the Wounded's Walk of Britain, and Harry got to chat with reporters along the way about all of the good work he is doing to help and support veterans, as well as the other charities he supports. It seems his number one influence remains his late mom Princess Diana, who was a patron for over 100 charities and regularly worked with the homeless and children and adults with HIV/AIDS. He told the Mirror:

It's something that our mother did a lot of and that's the time that you really get to learn, you get the experiences and you actually get the honest truth out of people.

After spending 10 years in the Army, Harry says he realized he was the perfect spokesperson for the veterans because he could put himself in their shoes. In addition to working with vets, Harry supports 21 charities through the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry, which the siblings founded in 2009. Some of the other charities and foundations he supports include UNICEF, National AIDS Trust, and Canine Partners.

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Harry, William, and Kate are just three modern royals who are proving the royal family is dedicated to public service — something that might clash with people's assumptions that they sit around all day, doing very little and basking in their wealth. Princess Diana deserves all of the credit for instilling in her sons the importance of charity and of using their power to help others in need. It's beautiful to see her legacy live on and to know that Harry and William are making her extremely proud.


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