14 Rich Celebrities With Poor Siblings No One Knows About (PHOTOS)

14 Rich Celebrities With Poor Siblings No One Knows About (PHOTOS)

Most families share their wealth, if they're lucky enough to have it to give, but there are some where the richest withhold from the poorest -- at times with good reason. Celebrities are no different. There are plenty of rich stars with struggling siblings and other family members. 

Click through for a look at 10 celebrities with siblings struggling to make ends meet.


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  • Madonna


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    Alcoholism has driven a wedge between Madonna and her brother, Anthony Ciccone, who often bunks in homeless shelters in Traverse City, Michigan. The pop icon’s attempts to get Ciccone clean and sober have reportedly failed, and it’s no secret she’s given up trying.

  • Michael Jackson


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    The Jackson family claims the late pop icon not only thwarted any attempts by his siblings for success in the music industry (except for Janet, of course), but five of his eight brothers and sisters also challenged Jackson’s will when they were left with nothing. MJ left his fortune to his mother and three children instead.

  • Mariah Carey


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    It’s been years since the diva spoke to her older sister, Alison, or her brother, Morgan, both of whom have sold questionable stories about their star sibling. Mariah distanced herself from Morgan in the aftermath of the tabloid fodder. Alison, an HIV-positive former prostitute, told a magazine earlier this year that she couldn't pay her rent or afford basic necessities for her children. 

  • Beyoncé


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    It turns out Bey’s dad cheated on mom Tina Knowles and the superstar singer has a half-brother and a half-sister from two different baby mamas. Dad Mathew is so destitude, he's rung up nearly $45,000 in back child support and Beyoncé's 5-year-old brother and mom are living on food stamps

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  • Kyle Richards


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    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star continues to question the actions of older sis, Kim, following her arrest in April for public intoxication, trespassing, resisting arrest, battery, and allegedly shoplifting $600 worth of merchandise from Target. Said one inside source: "She has no place else to go, and no one in the family wants to loan her more money...If it wasn't for her family, Kim would be homeless."

  • Prince


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    The Purple One filed a restraining order in the '90s against his late half-brother, Duane Nelson, shortly after firing him from Paisley Park Records. Prince and his sister, Tyka Nelson, who after tanking as a singer turned to crack and prostitution to feed her children, also had a falling out. After years of ignoring her "negativity," Prince reconnected with Tyka a few years ago.

  • The Kardashians

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    Rob Kardashian, who? The black-sheep brother seems to appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians only when it benefits the show’s ratings. The famous K-dashes dish on the show about finding pills in Rob’s room, his weekly allowance from both his mom and sister Khloe, and his failed attempts to find a real job. It seems everyone is waiting for Rob to get his act together. 

  • Gordon Ramsay


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    The celeb chef and ruler of Hell’s Kitchen says he’s tried to help his brother, Ronnie, a heroin addict, who was arrested in Indonesia in 2007 for possessing the narcotic. Ramsay told the Mirror he thinks about his sibling daily, but he realizes “you have got to be a little bit stronger than the previous time and introduce tough love.” He no longer supports rehab for Ronnie, who was once homeless.

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  • Jimi Hendrix


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    Leon Hendrix, the half-brother of the guitar legend, was passed by twice in inheriting any part of Jimi’s $80 million estate. The money originally went to the singer’s father, who later bequeathed the remaining assets to his stepdaughter, side-stepping Leon (who reportedly had a drug addiction and was arrested for stealing fur coats while his wealthy brother was still living).

  • Dane Cook


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    Best known as a stand-up comedian and the voice of Dusty Crophopper in 2013’s Planes and its sequel, Cook parted ways with his half-brother and business manager, Darryl McCauley, after learning his sibling and sister-in-law had stolen $12 million over an eight-year period. The couple pleaded guilty and served jail time.

  • Alec Baldwin


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    Filing for bankruptcy is painful, but when you're Stephen Baldwin and your brother is uber-successful Alec Baldwin, we imagine it's extra awkward.

  • Halle Berry


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    The Oscar-winning actress has reportedly "cut off" and stopped speaking to her half-sister Renee, who's been described as a "food service worker from Alabama."

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  • Sylvester Stallone


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    A drug addict will do anything to get their fix, even if it means shaking down their famous brother. Sylvester Stallone's sister, who reportedly struggled with an Oxycontin addiction, threatened to sue the actor over allegations of abuse if he didn't hand over a large cash settlement.

  • Bill Clinton


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    His brother may have been the most powerful person in the world at one point, but that apparently didn't hinder Roger Clinton from going to prison over drug charges or asking for hand-outs from the former president. 


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