Prince Harry's Ex Refuses to Marry Him Even Though She Still Loves Him

cressida bonasCressida Bonas is a mystery. She apparently has some sort of problem with being a princess. Cressida doesn't want to marry Prince Harry. But she loves him. So much so that she can date other people but still have all these feelings for the red-haired fox. This all makes total sense on why there were rumors that Harry spent his birthday with both Cressida and his other ex, Chelsy Davy.


Cressie is the wild one. The one that Harry likes to chase. She's the one who says "I love you" but won't dare speak of marriage because she doesn't want to be tied down to any royal rules. She wants to make out in public and wear short skirts and get tattoos. Okay, I'm just guessing, but those are things that Kate Middleton just cannot do. Ever.

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Chelsy, on the other hand, is probably the sweet little lady who is ready to walk down the aisle -- she's ready to give Harry 300 babies and name them all after him. She's Harry's safety net -- the one he relies on and talks to when times are tough. I bet she's even given him advice about Cressida.

Harry loves them both for different reasons and he's torn. Poor Harry. But right now, Cressie seems to be the one who has his eye.

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One thing is clear -- Harry is a good guy. These are only two women who we know still love him, and I would guess that eight out of 10 women in London would marry him in a heartbeat. He seems fun and exciting and he's a commander in the British Army -- he flies planes! His cheeks get all rosy all the time. He's so adorable!

No matter what, it's nice to know that Harry has lovely women who love him -- and don't want to marry him just to be a princess. Still, I wonder when Cressie will change her mind.


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