Jessa Duggar Attacked By Internet Trolls Who Didn’t Want to Hear Her Speak

Of all the Duggars people might hate on, why in the world go after Jessa? Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) was deleted from the Facebook page of the Southern Women's Show after her appearance there last Saturday. Why? Because apparently the trolls were out in droves, and left all sorts of offensive comments about her on the page.


Just before Jessa was set to speak at a previous event for the same group in Charlotte, North Carolina, they announced on their Facebook page that she would be onstage momentarily. Over 100 awful comments had to be removed, and a rep for the event made this statement:

We understand that not all show guests are fans of Jessa Duggar Seewald or the television show [19 Kids and Counting], but believe the Southern Women's Show offers a multitude of exhibits, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and entertainment at this year's show.

Among some of the comments were people questioning the appropriateness of her speaking at a women's conference. One even made mention that she "downplays sexual abuse and accepts that it is her fault."

Say what now? Jessa self-identified as one of Josh's molestation victims, and never once did she say she thought it was her fault at all. She said the media had blown it out of proportion, and that she felt re-victimized, which she was. She said that she'd gone through therapy, and had forgiven Josh. Then when his cheating scandal broke, she completely distanced herself from him, and has even sent out some pretty scathing tweets directed to him.

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Anyway, to avoid another disaster, the Southern Women's Conference decided not to announce Jessa and Ben's appearance in Orlando. People need to get a life ... Jessa is her own woman, and it's not her fault that her older brother is a jerk who led a double life and cheated on Anna and their four kids. Heck, Jessa even seems to be distancing herself from her ultra-conservative parents Jim Bob and Michelle. Just look at her outfit for the Orlando conference ... you can see her knees, people. Very un-Duggar-like indeed.

But you know what they say ... haters gonna hate.


Image via Jason Winslow/Splash News

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