Kylie Jenner Caught Faking a Scene for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

kylie jennerReality shows are supposed to be reality, right? Right. Cameras follow people around and they just live and it's interesting enough to be on TV. We have the production and editing team to thank for that, mostly. Still, we expect it to be real. And we hold Keeping Up With the Kardashians to that truth. But Kylie Jenner's clothing in a recent scene of KUWTK is giving away the fact that something isn't right. Fakery? Reshoots? Say it isn't so!


The deal is this: We are all so obsessed with what these women wear (and they are so intent on taking so many selfies that we know what they wear all the time) that we know things like Kylie wore blue pants and a white body suit on Thursday and a red latex dress on Friday. Plus, the paparazzi like to follow them around. So much documentation. Never do we see the same thing on the same Kardashian or Jenner twice ... but it may repeat on another Kardash/Jenner -- most likely on Kris. This gives us a timeline of knowing what day is what based on what clothes they are in. 

It's exhausting, really.

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The latest episode of KUWTK supposedly all happened back in May and it has Kylie talking to Kim over some froyo about the stress she's enduring over Caitlyn's transition -- they are both anticipating the Billboard Music Awards and the About Bruce special. But what's peculiar is there are paparazzi photos of Kim and Kylie at the same froyo place with cameras wearing the same outfits in June, after About Bruce and the Billboard Music Awards aired. Meaning, what was seen in this episode didn't happen in May as they wanted us to think -- it was a reshoot a month later, after the fact.

Yawn. I really don't care.

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TV land is a strange place. Things need to be reshot sometimes. It doesn't mean the exact convo didn't happen. Fakery? Nah. A little trickery? I'll give you that. TV magic can't happen with a little bit of smoke and mirrors. Maybe the dog ate the film from the first shoot and they needed to keep the scene in there. Things happen. Sure, maybe some will feel this is Kim and Kylie "acting," but it's still real life stuff. They are just rehashing a moment in time. Don't we all do that all the time without cameras following us around?


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