Kate Middleton's New Bangs Are Proving to Be a Royal Embarrassment

You know that feeling you sometimes get when your hair stylist leaves with with an unflattering cut — almost as if everyone on the planet is going to laugh at you (welcome back, middle school)? Well, poor Kate Middleton is reportedly mortified about the backlash over her bangs, and, in her case, tons of people are actually talking about her hair.


The 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge rarely experiments with her trademark chestnut brown mane, and I think it's quite a leap to describe her latest bang snip as a bold hair move, but apparently some people are taking issue with it. After chopping long bangs that blend in perfectly with her long layers, some folks reportedly began slamming the mom of two, saying this isn't her best look and that she should have reconsidered before taking the leap.

Kate is reportedly well aware of the fuss being made about nothing (if you ask me) and is "quite mortified," according to a royal insider. Now she totally regrets getting bangs, which she did to "freshen up" her look, and is eager to grow them out because she "doesn't want to reflect poorly on the royal family."

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Um, has everyone temporarily lost their sanity? Even if Kate went wild and decided to get a bowl cut or, hell, add a few pastel strands to her hair, would this really be enough to threaten the throne? I can't even imagine what would have happened if Kate had gone nuts and (gasp) asked her stylist for a Zooey Deschanel. Part of me desperately wants her to snip those bangs even shorter — and go red while she's at it.

No matter how Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry try to modernize the royal family, silliness like this reminds you that, at the end of the day, theirs is a very conservative establishment and that there are certain expectations placed on the (possible) future Queen of England, including how she should look. I guess bangs don't fit that image. Good to know!


Image via Splash News

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