Even Kendall Jenner Is Starting to Get Grossed Out by Kylie & Tyga

If you haven't noticed, Kylie Jenner and Tyga can't keep their hands off of each other, and their PDA is kind of grossing Kendall Jenner out.


Kendall was clearly trying to send her little sister a message when she edited this pic to include the word, "Ew." In the olden days, we'd tell Kylie and Tyga to get a room. But this is the digital era and it's a lot simpler to add two letters to a photo than an entire phrase, especially if she was doctoring the image on her phone.

thanks Kendall

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The incessant need to paw at each other in public could just be because they had to hide their relationship for so long (you know, before Kylie was legal at 18), but we're guessing it's mostly because they're young and in love. 

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We love seeing Kendall poke fun at the couple, especially considering she's just expressing what we're all thinking (sometimes, a little, maybe ... no?). Kylie and Tyga totally seem like the couple at the high school party making out in the corner the entire time. Considering Kendall is currently single, we can only imagine the third wheel vibes she feels whenever she hangs with them. It's okay, Kendall, we've all been there.

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