Take This Personality Quiz & Find Out Which Celebrity Is Just. Like. You.

Have you ever looked at a celeb, and just known that you guys could be soulmates? Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence -- I'm looking at you. But what if you could really find out which stars were really just like you?


Enter one of the most crazy-accurate personality tests out there. Based on the famous Myers-Briggs test, this simple set of questions will not only help you understand your personality better, but also find out which celebs are just like you.

First off, this is an insane test to take, because when they describe your basic personality type, you'll jump up and down, point at the computer, and say out loud to your cat or your coworkers, "Holy crap! That's me!"

For instance, I happen to be an ENFP, which is described as, "Versatile, dynamic, and quirky, you are tireless in your pursuit of the untested, the untried, and the fight against the status quo."

I do try my best to oppose the status quo! (Apologies here to my parents, the lovely folks who raised this little rebel.) Also, it turns out that my lack of attention span tenacity means I'm suited to be in the arts, as a performer or ... wait for it ... a writer. I guess I'm on track!

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But one of the most interesting things about discovering your personality type is finding out which famous people you share it with. And the crazy part is that it's not always awesome people. For instance ... celebs claiming the same ENFP personality type as me include Ellen DeGeneres and Robin Williams (both major wins, in my book), but also Fidel Castro!

It goes to show that no matter what your personality is, it's up to you to decide what to do with your life. Are you going to dedicate your life to making the world a better place -- or becoming a dictator?

Go take the personality quiz here, and find out which famous (or infamous) people are just like you.

Which celeb shares your personality type?


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