Kylie Jenner & Tyga Caught Arguing Like an Old Married Couple (VIDEOS)

kylie jennerTrouble in paradise? Despite the fact that they seem rock solid (that's a loose term), it sounds like Tyga is getting fed up with Kylie Jenner -- and with good reason! He's sick of her Snapchatting every little thing. 


In a newly released video to -- where else? -- Snapchat, Tyga is seen scolding Kylie for constantly filming him and putting him on the social media site. Check it out:

Now, clearly, this is a playful exchange and Tyga isn't really mad at his girlfriend. But! As we all know, a lot of the time people say things that are bothering them in a playful manner, so as not to get into a huge fight or seem like a jerk. It's called passive-aggressiveness and clearly Tyga has mastered the art. 

Here, in this second video, we see that Tyga, though still smiling, is getting a teensy bit more annoyed. Poor guy. 

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It's kind of hard to blame Tyga for not wanting to be filmed 24/7. I mean, sheesh! The dude is just sitting there on his phone and his girlfriend is filming it. It's a little invasive, no? Can a guy live?!

For the most part, Kylie and Tyga are somewhat of a private couple. However, Kylie does have a tendency to, you know, Snapchat everything, and that can't be good for a relationship. 

If Kylie wants to respect Tyga's privacy and wishes -- which, let's be honest here, don't seem to be that much -- she really should leave him out of her Snapchats. Clearly, he's not as into it as she is. There are plenty of other things for her to Snapchat. 

Also, just a suggestion, but why don't you try putting down your phones, guys?! It may feel weird at first, but you just might like it. Or you might not. In which case you should just break up. #foodforthought


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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