Kate Middleton & Prince William Enjoy Fun-Filled Rugby Date Without the Kids (PHOTO)

They've been working hard lately, both with their charity duties and parenting their two little ones, but Kate Middleton and Prince William got to relax on a rugby date this weekend, and they looked all kinds of adorable.


Prince William and his younger brother Prince Harry have a little ongoing feud about their favorite rugby teams — Will is the patron of the Welsh Rugby Club, while Harry supports England's national team. The two teams competed in the 2015 Rugby World Cup this weekend and everyone knew to expect the royal siblings in the stands.

But I, for one, didn't expect to see Kate sitting next to Will, looking just as delighted to witness Wales's incredible comeback as they took the lead and beat England 28-25. Harry's, William's, and Kate's faces tell the tale of what was a thrilling match in this photo:

Apparently, Will and Kate were so happy with the outcome they began singing the Welsh national anthem — in Welsh. The two spent a lot of time in Wales before they were married and for a few years after that, when they owned a farmhouse on the island of Anglesey and vacationed there. I guess their rugby love is another shared interest — which is awesome, because it's always great to share common passions with your partner, right?

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I knew Kate was sporty, but, given how she has been MIA from several weddings and events lately, I totally didn't expect her to throw caution to the wind, hire a nanny (or rely on mom Carole) and leave Charlotte and George for a few hours so she, Will, and her brother-in-law could enjoy the big game. And she looks so darn happy to be out and about, with Will, and supporting her team. It's really great to see — especially after the couple has been plagued by so many rumors about their supposed marital issues.

This might mean Kate feels more comfortable leaving Charlotte so she can go out and have some time to herself and with Will. That also means we'll get to see more of her and Will laughing and enjoying each other's company in public. Welcome back, guys — we missed you!


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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