Caitlyn Jenner Celebrates Legal Name & Gender Change With a Trip to Starbucks (PHOTO)

caitlyn jenerGetting a Starbucks cup handed to you with your actual name written on (spelled correctly, no less!) is a big deal even for the average person, but for Caitlyn Jenner? It's nothing short of a victory, especially since it happened a day after an L.A. judge approved Jenner's application to legally change her name and gender.


Indeed, Caitlyn's grande (at least it looks like a grande to me) cup could be the most symbolic coffee cup ever, and it certainly seemed extremely meaningful to the 65-year-old star, because she posted a photo to Instagram with the following caption: 

"Happy Saturday! What are your plans on this beautiful day?"

Check it out!

Happy Saturday! What are your plans on this beautiful day?

A photo posted by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on

Sweet! Wonder what Caitlyn was drinking? I feel like she'd be a straight-up latté kinda gal -- nothing too sweet or fussy. But hey, who knows? It is Pumpkin Spice season, after all. 

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Whatever vehicle Caitlyn chose for her caffeine fix, I'm just glad it was delivered to her properly. And with a smiley face! I'm sure Caitlyn's order had to be the highlight of that barista's day -- we're talking Starbucks history, here!


Image via caitlynjenner/Instagram

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