Kaley Cuoco's Instagram Pic Is Ultimate Sign She's Over Ryan What's-His-Name

kaley cuocoI think we are all in a bit of shock over the Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting divorce news. They were so in love! Now just 21 months after that wedding, they split. Kaley wants to erase him from her life -- she must have spent all of last night deleting shiny happy pics of her and her ex. But perhaps most telling of how she really feels is her latest Instagram pic -- no ring, and Kaley's kissing another stud.


Okay, okay. It's a horse. But still. Look how she made sure that ring finger is showing. No ring. Lost the guy, gained a horse.

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Breakups are hard. And in these times, your ex and the beautiful times you once had could haunt you from everything once posted on social media. You can delete the person in one click, but those photos you posted of the two of you smooching and smiling with your head on his shoulder have to be removed one by one by one by one. Painful.

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So after what I would assume be an extremely emotional night of having to see and delete all those photos of your ex, Kaley posted her comeback pic -- because in this day and age, you must post a comeback on the same day it has been revealed that you're down and out. So she got a new horse named Zaza and posted the sweet pic of her giving the stud a big ole kiss. Noticeably missing from her finger is that wedding ring bling.

This is a big deal. She wants everyone to know that it's OVER. She's moving on and she's just fine. Apparently Ryan -- that guy she was married to -- didn't like when Kaley rode horses and it was something Kaley LOVED to do. And so of course she's going to get herself a horse right after the breakup. My version of this would be coffee, chocolate, and a shopping spree. But good for her. Get back on that horse, Kaley!

No word on what Ryan is doing. Playing tennis, maybe?


Image via normancook/Instagram

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