Pippa Middleton Has the Coolest Boyfriend Because He's Fine With Her Hanging Out With Her Exes

pippa middletonThe love life of Pippa Middleton is a fascinating one. Not quite as intriguing as Prince Harry's, but close. Pippa calls Nico Jackson her boyfriend -- and they two have been together for two years. So why was Pippa enjoying a meal with her ex Alex Loudon?


Alex is the guy who accompanied Pippa to the wedding of Will and Kate -- when we were first introduced to that now-infamous derriere. Pip and Alex were together for three years, but broke up just a couple of months after that wedding. He couldn't take the fame, so the story goes.

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Pippa also was also said to have vacationed with another ex -- James Matthews -- just a couple of weeks ago. While she is still with Nico. So what exactly is going on here? Is Pippa just one of those lucky people who is able to keep their exes close? Is that even considered luck?

If I look to the rule of High Fidelity (the movie with John Cusack), Pippa must be doing some soul-searching, and hanging out with her exes is her way of helping her figure out stuff about herself. Just a hunch. Isn't that what we all do? Wait ... what?

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I love how open they all seem to be. Is this a British thing? She can be fully committed to Nico and yet dine with Alex and go on holiday with James. No big deal. No wine-glass-throwing-style breakups. No thinly veiled insults on social media.


Image via WUF/Splash News

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