Kate Middleton Looks Understated Yet Gorgeous on Surprise Visit to Women's Jail (PHOTO)

kate middleton visiting jailThe Duchess of Cambridge had some very important work today -- Kate Middleton visited a women's prison outside of London to discuss mental health and substance abuse issues in order to shed light on the need for better help, and to also help the women incarcerated. Her mission was top secret. While she's still a princess with a taste for incredible clothes, Kate's gorgeous dress picked for the occasion was perfectly suited for the seriousness of her duties.


The silver tweed dress was by The Fold and retails at $550. It was subdued, much like the tone of the visit at the facility near Woking called Her Majesty's Prison Send.

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kate middleton

kate middleton

I know this is an important mission, and one I do not want to take away from, but my goodness the Duchess of Cambridge looks stunning.

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Kate is also using her princess status to speak out on addiction and how we need to help those with this disease. She spoke from the heart and met with prisoners, offering them hope and a positive outlook for the future. In speaking with the press on her visit, Kate stressed the importance of early intervention when it comes to mental health and addiction issues. Many of those at this jail committed crimes as a result of being under the influence of drugs or have fallen on desperate or vulnerable times.

The Prison Send really works with the women at their facility to give them futures. Now that is a beautiful thing ... as beautiful as Kate herself.


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