Halle Berry Has 'Real' Response to Hater's Mean Tweet (VIDEO)

God bless this woman!! Halle Berry had the absolute best response to one of her Internet haters, and I hope that she inspires a slew of women to accept and love their own bodies. The 49-year-old was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, as a string of celebs -- including Halle -- read mean tweets about themselves.


Jimmy Kimmel has the most amazing segment on his show, in which celebrities come on and read mean tweets directed toward them. On Wednesday night, he had a ton of celebs stop by, but Halle Berry totally stole the show with her response to her hate tweet. 

First off, she came on stage wearing a sheer turtleneck shirt, with her black bra clearly on display underneath it. I can't even believe this woman is 49, by the way. Anyway, she read the disgusting tweet directed to her with a totally straight face.

"Halle Barrie's boobs are lopsided," @ashton_ wrote.

All Halle had to do was smirk and look straight at the camera and remark, "Well, when they're real, that happens!" 

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Love it! It also reminds me of the time that Gabourey Sidibe got criticized for being overweight at the Golden Globes last year, and her response on Twitter was this:

You go, girls. People are going to hate, but so long as you are true to yourself and love who you are, you'll be OK.


Image via Cathy Gibson/Splash News

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