Jada Pinkett Smith's Birthday Post to Will Subtly Reminds Him How Old He Is (PHOTO)

Remember Will Smith's throwback Facebook birthday post to his wife? Well, she just returned the favor. Jada Pinkett Smith wished her husband a happy birthday with a throwback photo of her own, and it's genuinely adorable.


Jada posted a baby photo of 47-year-old Will Smith -- hilarious how you can totally tell it's him -- and said, "I'm not going to pull out the calculator like you did," har har, "but know this ... you have 100 percent of my heart and the rest of my days." Then she wrote, "Happy birthday, you exceptional man."

Funny little jab Jada made about Will Smith's "doing the math" numbers game. I mean, 47 is just a number, but do we really need to spend a lot of time dwelling on that number? She's being kind. JPS FTW!

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Of course, you could be cynical yet again and say this is another attempt to prove for the 400th time that the Smith marriage is rock solid, thanks for asking. And "exceptional man" kind of sounds like something you'd write on a boy's high school graduation card. "Congratulations and good luck at college, Will, you exceptional man!"

But I have to admit, that's really sweet what Jada said about Will having all of her heart and the rest of her days. I truly do hope they spend the rest of their days together. They've already beat the odds for a Hollywood marriage. However they're doing it, they're making it work. 

Forget all the Facebook posts. Staying married is the ultimate "See, I told you the rumors were false!"


Image via Keene / Splash News

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