Kourtney Kardashian Is Furious With Kris Jenner for Meddling in Her Relationship With Scott

kourtney kardashianDon't mess with Kourtney Kardashian. Rumor has it that after Kris Jenner said that Kourtney and Scott might get back together in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the eldest Kardashian completely lost it on her mother, telling her to "shut the f*ck up." While Kourtney's language leaves a little something to be desired, can you blame the woman for being so pissed?! 


According to Radar Online, after Kourtney got wind of what her mother said, she apparently called her up and laid into her like nobody's business. Kourtney feels that her mother is simply using the Scott thing to boost ratings on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and she's sick of it. She instructed her mom to never talk about her relationship again -- and Kris, realizing she made a mistake, is sorry she ever said anything.

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It's bad enough that Kourtney and Scott's breakup has been so public -- imagine having to worry about your own mother talking about you to the media? Geez, Kris, get it together. It's pretty unbelievable that she didn't use common sense and simply give a "no comment" on the situation when asked. That's your daughter, for crying out loud!

If Kourtney is really thinking about getting back with Scott, well, that's her business -- and if anyone is going to say anything about it, it should be her. And if she's not and her mother is really just using such a comment as ratings bait, wow, that's low. 

Mama Jenner, I know your family is an open book, but you've got to learn when to keep things to yourself. We don't need to know everything


Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

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