Kendall Jenner Was Afraid of 'Losing' Her Dad During Caitlyn Jenner's Transition (VIDEO)

She loves her dad more than anything in life, but that doesn't mean Kendall Jenner isn't having a tough time accepting Caitlyn Jenner after her transformation. The teenage model revealed her true feelings about her father and why she was reluctant to meet her in a heartbreaking sneak peek of season 11 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Kendall, 19, has been so busy with her incredible career lately — walking runways in every city's fashion week and serving as a spokesmodel for Lancome — that Khloe was smart to approach her and remind her that, while it's good to keep focused on work, she's going to have to deal with her feelings about Caitlyn's transformation sooner rather than later.

Kendall then reveals that she feels she's doing "okay," but hasn't officially met Caitlyn yet — and it seems like she isn't anxious to do so because that then means she has to "let go" of her dad.

I feel incredibly sad for Kendall. She seems like the most sensitive of her siblings and the one most likely to feel conflicted by her change — not because she doesn't approve of it or accept her dad, but because it means, in some way, she'll have to say good-bye to a significant part of her childhood.

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Even though Kendall reportedly told Women's Wear Daily that she always suspected Caitlyn was struggling with her identity, there's a big difference between speculating and having your suspicions confirmed. Kendall and her family are being forced to come to terms with this enormous change while the entire world watches them. On the one hand, they benefit from the support of thousands of people who consider Caitlyn a hero. On the other hand: Many probably expect Kendall to immediately accept this change because she loves her father.

That's simply unrealistic and too much to ask of a young woman barely out of adolescence. Kendall deserves a break. She'll get to a perfect place with Caitlyn, but it will take as long as it takes and that's totally okay.


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