Kylie Jenner Bought Her BFF an $80K Birthday Gift (PHOTO)

In addition to having access to her shoe closet and beauty product collection, being Kylie Jenner's BFF could also mean you get to update your ride. Kylie reportedly gifted Jordyn Woods a luxury car, because what do you get the BFFs who already have everything?


Jordyn, who is a social media star and good friends with both Kylie and Kendall, just turned 18. To celebrate the occasion, Kylie bought her a spanking-brand-new black Mercedes — and Woods was totally grateful:

As with most things related to the Kardashians/Jenners, there's a story here. Prior to the world's finding out Kylie is pretty darn generous to friends, rumor had it she gave Jordyn a cake that read, "Happy birthday N---a." But, it turns out, the photo posted of this cake wasn't the real cake — as she explains on Twitter:

Well, that's good news. With that gossip out of the way, can we focus on how unbelievable it is to gift your teenage buddy an $80,000 automobile? Then again, it has been reported that Kylie's net worth took a 25 percent leap in the last six months, thanks to new endorsement deals, and that she's currently worth $5 million.

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When every member of your family is raking in the dough, your boyfriend Tyga's net worth matches your own, and you already own every material possession known to man, what else is there to do with your fortune but spend it on others?

Before you say it: Kylie reportedly auctions her old clothing to raise money for a children's hospital in Los Angeles. It's also unclear how much of her money is donated to other charities, so I don't want to go there and assume she isn't in the business of helping others. Judging by this gift, we may be surprised to learn that she is more selfless than some of us may think.


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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