Scott Disick Hits a New Low by Throwing Shade at Kourtney for Crying Over Him

It seems like Scott Disick is just digging himself deeper and deeper into trouble with Kourtney Kardashian. The father of three took to Instagram to post what appears to be a rather rude response to Kourtney's recent crying scene over rumors he had cheated.


Fans are quick to assume that a photo of the reality star with the words "Stop talking peasant" is a direct response to a recent clip of Kourtney crying over Scott's reported infidelity.

Just stop

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While we ordinarily think social media is a little quick to play the throwing shade card, it's likely they are completely onto something with this one. It's not like Scott has ever really been willing to take responsibility for his actions before, always reverting to bad behavior. So it would not shock us if, yes, this is his way of telling Kourtney to quit making him look bad, even if the only person making him look bad is himself.

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And if it's not a dig at Kourtney, it's certainly a poorly timed post. And fans are angry. Like, seriously angry. While the post has nearly 200,000 likes (which is confusing), there are more than 12,000 comments which largely consist of people trying to rip Scott a new one.

This is just a bad look. If Scott wants to have any sort of relationship with his kids, he needs to try to keep things amicable with Kourt. And he really shouldn't be surprised if the way he appears on Keeping Up With the Kardashians is less than positive. So zip it, Lord Disick. It's the only way to even remotely right the situation.


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