Jill & Jessa's Upcoming TLC Specials Bring the Duggars Back to TV

Good news, 19 Kids and Counting fans! The Duggars are coming back to TLC. In some capacity, at least. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald are getting at least two new specials of their own on TLC.


At least one of those specials is set to air before the end of the year. TLC's executive vice president Nancy Daniels said that the specials will focus on the end of Jessa's pregnancy and how she's preparing for her first child with hubby Ben Seewald, and also on Derick and Jill Dillard's move to Central America with their infant son Israel to be missionaries.

It's been two months since TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting in the wake of Josh's molestation charges, and in that time things have only gotten worse for the family, as Josh confessed to cheating on his wife Anna when he was caught in the Ashley Madison hack. 

Josh acted like a hypocritical jerk (he worked for the Family Research Council -- geez), and parents Jim Bob and Michelle could have probably done a better job dealing with their teen son's confessing to inappropriately touching his sisters, but that's no reason to punish Jill and Jessa!

They're the most watchable anyway. Actually, I'd love it if they added Jana and Jinger in there too. All four of the eldest Duggar sisters are in their 20s, and I think they all have their own unique stories to tell.

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Anyway, I'm thrilled the girls are getting a chance to share their journeys with their fans. I'm especially interested to see if Jessa's labor and delivery are as difficult as Jill's last summer, and also how Jill and Derick's mission work is going. They've been under some criticism lately for being back in the states so long, but if they're filming, hopefully they'll be able to explain why they had to come back for a month.

And you know, if TLC is handing out specials to the Duggars, they should totally give one to Anna if she decides to split from Josh. Sweet single mom trying to make it on her own with four young kids and virtually no education or work experience? Anna's got grit, man. She could make it. And I'd love to watch her succeed.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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