Tyga Refers to Kylie Jenner as His 'Fiancée' in New Video

kylie jennerWhoa-whoa-whoa waaait a second here. What did we just hear? In a recent Snapchat video, Tyga calls Kylie Jenner his fiancée -- clear as day! Are these two crazy kids engaged? For the love of Kris Jenner, let's hope not!


In the Snapchat, Kylie is seen straddling her man when he refers to her as bride-to-be. It's a little hard to hear exactly what he's saying, but Hollywood Life interpreted it as, "I don’t f*** with nobody, just me, my fiancée, and my new dog that I just got," which sounds pretty accurate. Profound. 

Here, check out the video and see what you think:


Sure as heck sounds like he says "fiancée." Yikes! They haven't been together all that long. And Kylie is only 18. And Tyga has a son! Is Kylie ready to be a stepmom? She seems like a lovely girl and all, but not exactly "mom" material right now. 

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Rumors of an engagement between the two started shortly after Kylie's 18th birthday, and they reached a fever pitch when Kylie was seen sporting what resembled an engagement or wedding ring in a photo. Kylie seems like she can be impulsive, but getting engaged right now just seems like a terrible idea. She has her whole life ahead of her. Why sette down now?

At the end of the day, the girl's gonna do what the girl's gonna do. So, if she is engaged, I suppose we'll all just have to get used to it ... and look forward to another rad Kardashian-Jenner wedding special. 


Image via Splash News

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