Prince William & Prince Harry Are Having Their Own Little Family Feud

It wouldn't be surprising to hear that the royal family bump heads on occasion over royal duties, relationship scandals, and power struggles. But Prince William and Prince Harry have just one ongoing feud -- and it's adorable and involves rugby.


The brothers always seem like the best of friends, even when Harry is playfully poking fun at how boring he thinks Will is now that he has two little ones running around and rarely makes it to public events. But one topic can really get both of them riled up more than any other: rugby.

Will is the patron of the Welsh Rugby Club, while his younger sibling supports the English team. The 2015 Rugby World Cup kicks off this weekend and England and Wales are going to be competing against each other -- which means Will and Harry are going to be at each other's throats while they watch the match together.

While meeting with the Welsh players at the welcoming ceremony in London, William reportedly told them, "Unfortunately I will be watching you with my brother, so I will need a Wales win more than ever!"

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It's so wonderful to see Will and Harry's bond continue to strengthen as they get older. They seem to be uniting more than ever lately to take part in charity efforts like refurbishing a street in Manchester for military veterans as part of a reality show called DIY SOS and throwing their grandmother Queen Elizabeth the 90th birthday bash of a lifetime. It's obvious that they're good friends, as well as siblings.

But it's just as fun to see them bump heads when it comes to something -- and I'm glad their biggest disagreement seems to be over sports and not who should secure the throne. Can you imagine them getting together at the palace, drinking beer and eating junk food, and then screaming at a TV screen? That would make for a great photo, though I'm sure the reality is more like this: Both princes enjoy the royal treatment, which includes champagne and caviar, while watching the match from their amazing, and very private, box seats.

Knowing these two, I'm going to guess they've placed a bet on their teams. If Harry loses, William should make him care for Charlotte and George for a few nights and give Kate a much-needed break. That's a photo I'd kill to see.


Image via Andy Stenning/Mirrorpix/Splash News

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