Kate Middleton's Brother James Is a Single Man Again

Have you always dreamed about being related to Kate Middleton? Borrowing her clothing and getting fitness tips from Pippa Middleton? Now's your chance -- Kate's brother James Middleton is suddenly single after reportedly breaking up with actress Donna Air.


James, 28, who is the Duchess of Cambridge's younger brother, dated Air, 36, since February 2013, but decided a few weeks ago to call it off with the blonde. A source says James made the call to split up because he couldn't picture a future with Air, who is the former host of a British talk show called Big Breakfast. Rumor has it the Middleton family may not have approved of her -- but take that with a grain of salt because she also vacationed with them in St. Barts this past August.

Air has a daughter named Freya with her former partner Damian Aspinall. She and James were apparently seldom seen together in public, but that could simply be because they are both homebodies. I mean, I don't know about you, but I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a photo of James -- here he is with Air, who is obviously lovely:

The perfect evening� . #nofilter

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So, um, is anyone else getting a Christian-Grey-with-a-beard vibe from this man?

A bit about Kate's bro, in case you're getting ready to click a button and purchase plane tickets to London: James is a businessman who has had a few unsuccessful experiences running cake and wine businesses. He reportedly dropped out of Edinburgh University and began creating upscale cake kits that he sold through his parents' mail-order website, Party Pieces. When that didn't pan out (pun totally intended) he started Nice Cakes Ltd. and Nice Wine Ltd., both of which apparently lost a lot of money. His latest business endeavor is Boomf, which makes high-end personalized marshmallows.

Rumor has it Kate had to help bail him out of trouble with money, and that the royals were not happy about it -- then again, it's not as if the Middleton family doesn't have enough money to cover James, assuming of course that there is any truth to that.

I imagine it must be more difficult than ever for James to find a woman he can trust is in a relationship for him, and not because he is related to Kate. If you feel you're the woman for him, all you have to do is be willing to move to England, pose for lots of photos with Kate, Pippa, and Will, and vacation in St. Barts twice a year. Sounds like a difficult life!


Image via Steve Finn/Splash News

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