Rapper Sparks Controversy by Smoking With a Baby in His Lap (VIDEO)

Look, I know it's getting more and more common for people to smoke pot these days. A handful of states have already legalized it for recreational use, while nearly half allow it to be used medicinally. But shouldn't there be some common sense when it comes to the stuff? You know, like not smoking a joint with your baby in your lap.


Rapper Rich Homie Quan sparked Internet outrage this week after he posted a Snapchat video of him smoking what looked like a blunt while holding his 1-year-old son Royal Lamar on his lap.

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In all fairness, it could be a hand-rolled cigarette, not marijuana, but how many people do you know hand-roll their cigs? Besides, would it really be any better if it were tobacco and not pot? The point is that he's smoking with a kid on his lap. His kid.

Take a look:

What in the heck was he thinking? This is 2015, not 1963. We know the dangers of secondhand smoke, especially to little kids. I seriously have no judgment toward adults who make their own decisions to smoke cigarettes or even pot, but keep that smoke away from the kids.

Parents all have their coping strategies when it comes to keeping their sanity intact, but come on. Wait until the kid goes to bed, OK?


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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