Selena Gomez's New Song 'Same Old Love' Is Same Old Story (VIDEO)

selena gomezIt's seriously hard to be Selena Gomez. So much heartbreak, so much ... Bieber. For real though, the brand-new and very ennui-filled music video for the pop star's song "Same Old Love" makes us wonder just how world-weary the 23-year-old is feeling these days. (Our guess? Very!)


In the video, we see Selena in the backseat of a car, dazedly staring out the rain-spattered window at a number of romantically bleak scenarios: a sobbing mom and her kids driving away from what we assume was a highly unpleasant situation, a couple looking all tense and stone-faced, some guy having a major road rage attack, and so on. All the while, a mildly concerned–looking Selena sings:

I'm so sick of that same old love, that sh*t, it tears me up
I’m so sick of that same old love, my body's had enough
Oh (that same old love)
I’m so sick of that same old love, feels like I've blown apart
I’m so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart
Oh (that same old love)

Deep. And not exactly the tune of a happy songbird, right? Of course it's extremely tempting to BELIEB that a certain ego-tripping enfant terrible is to blame for Selena's rather jaded take on love, but presumably Justin Bieber isn't the only bad dating experience the girl has ever had. (Or are these guys trying to be a thing again? It's tough to keep up.)

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Anyway, check it out:

The raindrops are her tears, you guys!! The raindrops are her tears.

Feel better, Selena! There are so many other fish in the sea, girl.  


Image via TGB/Splash News

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