Prince William & Prince Harry Are About to Give Reality TV a Whirl

No one -- not even the royals -- can escape the allure of reality TV, it seems. Prince William and Prince Harry are set to appear on reality TV show DIY SOS, but don't worry, this one is as anti-Kardashian as you can get.


The royal siblings are reportedly taking part in a BBC-led project in which an entire street in Manchester will be transformed into a "veterans' village." The makeover series is working to refurbish homes for army veterans and William and Harry are expected to meet with the ex-servicemen and -servicewomen and work with them as they acquire construction skills that will allow them to actually help repair and beautify their own homes.

In the process, the brothers will meet with other residents in the area who are also contributing to what will be DIY SOS's largest project thus far.

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It's certainly unusual to think about a member of the royal family appearing on a reality TV show, but this is obviously not your typical reality series. The older William and Harry get, the more selfless they seem to be. This is especially evident in their charity work and choices of occupation -- Will is a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance service and Harry recently retired from the military but continues to support overseas charities, including helping people who suffer from HIV and AIDS (a cause that was close to mom Princess Diana's heart).

I don't imagine we'll ever get to see William or Harry on another reality TV program, so enjoy this one while it lasts. I wonder if they had to get the Queen's approval prior to agreeing to do this? At any rate, it's a smart move because it brings them that much closer to the people they represent. They, and Kate Middleton, of course, seem to be trying to modernize the royal family and prove to everyone that they don't see themselves as all that different from you and me.

I can't say that's totally working yet, but they definitely deserve a shout-out for trying.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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