We May Never See Rob Pattinson in a 'Twilight'-Like Role Again (It's OK to Cry)

Twihards, you are but a faint glimmer in Robert Pattinson's rear-view mirror. When it comes to picking roles it's not about what the fans want. Pattinson does everything for himself now.


In an interview with the Associated Press he was asked if he considers his fan base when he chooses roles. "I don't think about it at all," he said, of the people in this world who (think they) love him most. He says every time the idea of a commercial role comes up he recalls some advice someone gave him:

Someone from my agency, weirdly. They said the only clients that are happy are the ones that just do what they want to do ... so I kind of do everything for myself.

I guess this explains why in the upcoming film Life Pattinson is not playing James Dean, which would be the obvious choice for him. Nope, he's playing Dean's pal, photographer Dennis Stock. Who?!? Exactly.

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Well there's gratitude for you, right? Thanks to that loyal fan base Pattinson can afford to pick any role he wants to. He can hang out in his beautiful house and wait for the right thing to come along. He'll probably spend the rest of his career avoiding anything supernatural and any romantic leads. You'll never see him the same way again.

It's almost like RPattz's fans raised him and when he reached maturity he left home and he'll never come back again. You can't even get him to phone home. And now that he's gotten a taste for all these indy-arty films he's hooked. It's like, how can you keep them on the farm once they've worked with David Cronenberg?

Well fine. Who can blame him? Pattinson wants to redefine himself and be his own man. And to tell you the truth, I suspect it'll actually make him all the more intriguing to his fans.


Image via AR Photo/Splash News

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