22 Hollywood Marriages That Have Lasted More Than 10 Years (PHOTOS)

22 Hollywood Marriages That Have Lasted More Than 10 Years (PHOTOS)

With all of the celebrity cheating and divorce scandals in the headlines on a daily basis, it's easy to start to feel cynical about marriage and think that no one stays together anymore.

However, there are plenty of famous couples in Hollywood who've been happily married for over a decade; they just don't make the covers of supermarket tabloids.

Click through for 22 celebrity couples whose marriages have stood the test of time.


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  • Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy


    Image via felicityhuffman/Instagram

    Talk about a date night! Felicity Huffman and her husband of William H. Macy glammed up for the Emmy Awards recently. Felicity revealed to People that she dated her husband for 15 years before they tied the knot in 1997 because she was "terrified" of marriage. Luckily, the gamble paid off for the happy pair!

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze, Jr.


    Image via sarahmgellar/Instagram

    The teen horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer brought Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. together, and love has kept them married for over 13 years. The actress captioned this photo: "This is how #datenight begins and ends when you have two young kids. Luckily we made it till the end #movienight."

  • Annette Bening & Warren Beatty


    Image via Paul Fenton/ZUMA Press/Corbis

    He was once Hollywood's most notorious womanizer, but when Warren Beatty met Annette Bening in 1990, it was apparently love at first sight and Warren soon put his single years behind him. The couple celebrated their 23rd anniversary earlier this year.

  • Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith


    Image via thejadapsmith/Instagram

    "A DIVORCE IS NOT HAPPENING." This is what Jada Pinkett Smith captioned this Instagram pic of her smooching her husband of 18 years, Will Smith.

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  • Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos


    Image via kellyripa/Instagram

    The blonde half of Kelly and Michael recently gave her husband Mark Consuelos an anniversary shout-out on Instagram: "Thank you for making the past 19 years a PARTY! I love you. Happy anniversary! Xo"

  • Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick


    Image via Mayer RCF/Splash News/Corbis

    She may star on the upcoming HBO series Divorce, but Sarah Jessica Parker remains happily married to Matthew Broderick, her hubby of 18 years.

  • Victoria Beckham & David Beckham


    Image via victoriabeckham/Instagram

    After 16 years of marriage, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are still going strong, especially if this photo is any indication.

  • Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks


    Image via Splash News/Splash News/Corbis

    Cancer can test the strength of a marriage, but Rita Wilson said that she was "blown away" by how supportive Tom Hanks has been while she's battled breast cancer. The couple has been married for over 27 years.

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  • Faith Hill & Tim McGraw


    Image via thetimmcgraw/Instagram

    Is there anything cuter than his and her Instagram posts like this one posted by Tim McGraw and re-posted by his wife of 18 years, fellow country singer Fath Hill? Tim captioned the sweet pic with "#luckyman," only for Faith to repost it with a "#luckywoman" caption. These two are definitely country strong.

  • Pauletta Washington & Denzel Washington


    Image via infusny-236/INFphoto.com/Corbis

    Married for over 30 years to wife Pauletta Washington, Denzel Washington recently shared to the secret to marital bliss: "I don't know if it's show business that has a monopoly on divorce, it's just that you hear about it...I just think that you have to work at it. Not give up on each other. It's a commitment. It's not all the honeymoon, it doesn't last forever, so you work at it. And hopefully you're good friends first, that might help!"


  • Tracy Pollan & Michael J. Fox


    Image via MARIO ANZUONI/Reuters/Corbis

    This couple first met on the set of Family Ties in 1985 and played boyfriend and girlfriend on camera before coming a couple in real life. Now with 29 years of marriage under their belt, Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox have had their share of troubles, including Michael's ongoing battle with Parkinson's disease, but the actor credits his optimism to balancing out their relationship and keeping it going. 


  • Kelly Preston & John Travolta


    Image via kellyptravolta/Instagram

    Despite constant rumors about the state of their marriage and the tragic loss of their son Jett six years ago, John Travolta and Kelly Preston are still thriving after 26 years together.

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  • Sharon Osbourne & Ozzy Osbourne


    Image via sharonosbourne/Instagram

    Who says rock and roll can't be synonymous with monogamy? Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne separated briefly last year, after Sharon learned that he had relapsed with his sobriety, but, luckily, the couple made it through that hard stretch in their relationship to reach their 33rd wedding anniversary this year.

  • Jane Musky & Tony Goldwyn


    Image via Splash News/Corbis

    Being married to an actor isn't an easy job, but luckily for Scandal star Tony Goldwyn, his wife of 28 years, Jane Musky, has apparently made the wise choice not to watch her husband's steamy love scenes.

  • Meryl Streep & Don Gummer


    Image via MOLLY RILEY/Reuters/Corbis

    If there's one thing Meryl Steep knows about, it's long-term success! In addition to her amazing career, the Oscar winner has also managed to stay married to husband Don Gummer since 1978.

  • Mary Steenburgen & Ted Danson


    Image via Jenna Blake/Corbis

    They may have married in 1995, but actors Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson look more in love than ever, as snapped here by paparazzi taking a stroll in NYC in 2014.

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  • Jamie Lee Curtis & Christopher Guest


    Image via Phil McCarten/Reuters/Corbis

    Actress Jamie Lee Curtis was recently asked the secret to her 31-year marriage to director Christopher Guest. Her answer? "Don't get divorced," she said. "It's a fascinating thing. I could write a book on marriage called 'Don't Leave.'"

  • Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon


    Image via DANNY MOLOSHOK/Reuters/Corbis

    The actor who spawned a game that challanges anyone to connect to him via six degrees of separation celebrated his 27th wedding anniversary to wife Kyra Sedgwick in 2015 by posting a fun throwback snap."Celebrating 9,855 days of marriage to @kyrasedgwick," he wrote.


  • Livia Giuggioli & Colin Firth


    Image via WUF/Splash News/Corbis

    The actor may have become a sex symbol as Mr. Darcy in the Pride and Prejudice miniseries, but that fact was lost on his wife Livia Giuggioli's Italian family, who asked her, "Do you really consider this guy sexy?" when she told them she was dating the BBC show's star. Luckily, the answer was and still is 'yes,' and the couple have been happily married for over 18 years.

  • Lisa Kudrow & Michel Stern


    Image via Frank Trapper/Corbis

    On her 20-year marriage to Michel Stern, Lisa Kudrow told Glamour: "When [Michel and I] decided to get married, we understood: We're not promising to love each other forever, because you can't do that, but we are promising to work on whatever problems come up. We're committed to our marriage working. It turns out, after you have a history, there's such a bond, and love takes another shape."

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  • Christine Taylor & Ben Stiller


    Image via James Higgins/Splash News/Corbis

    The comedian/actor's parents' marriage lasted for 61 years until his mom's death earlier this year, so with that wonderful example of life-long love, it's no surprise that Ben Stiller has valued his own marriage to his wife of 17 years, Christine Taylor.

  • LaTanya Richardson & Samuel L. Jackson


    Image via infusny-142/INFphoto.com/Corbis

    The key to LaTanya Richardson and Samuel L. Jackson's 35-year marriage? "Amnesia," LaTanya once joked in an interview. We hope that means that the couple doesn't hold onto grudges for very long, not that they actually suffer memory loss.


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