Jessica Alba Wants to Be 'Treated Like a Guy' -- So She Takes a Dig at Women Everywhere

When it comes to building a career in Hollywood, this actress/entrepreneur has been calculating and careful. In a cover story for Self magazine Jessica Alba says she wanted to be treated "like a guy." Wait -- what does she mean by that, exactly?


I think I get what she means. Hollywood is notorious for using women like eye candy and then discarding them after a few years. Very few women are calling the shots in that industry, and it's such a whirlwind of vanity and riches it can be easy to make shortsighted decisions. A smart woman pays attention and calls her own shots. Here's how Alba puts it.

I've always been business-minded. I approached Hollywood like a business. I was very calculated. I wanted to be treated like a guy; I wanted to put asses in seats. I saved my money, invested wisely, and marketed myself. I've been building my own personal brand over time.

Good for her! But also ... she hasn't exactly been treated as a guy by casting agents. Most of her roles are all about being The Hot Chick -- except for Sue Storm, which was The Hot Chick Who's Also a Superhero. I mean, if that's what you've got and you're working it, great. But, that's not being a guy.

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And it's awesome that she built her brand and saved money and invested and made herself accountable for helping to drive ticket sales through ... aw gee, the virtues of her body, I guess?

I just wish Alba hadn't put it that way, "treated like a guy." Like I said, I get what she means. But she's kind of reinforcing the sexism she's fighting against there. Why throw all women in Hollywood under the bus like that -- none of them get taken seriously, either? 

Being taken seriously isn't just for guys. It's for women, too. As far as I'm concerned, Jessica Alba got Hollywood to treat her like a grown woman.


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