Kendall Jenner Isn't Hiding Her 'Scandalous' Body Piercing Any Longer

kendall jennerWell, this is an interesting tidbit of info. Evidently, Kendall Jenner has a nipple ring. Huh. Learn something new every day. 


During New York Fashion Week, when Kendall was rocking the red carpet in some revealing ensembles, a small metal ball could be seen through her top. Really, there was no denying it. When asked about the piercing, the model told Page Six, "It is true. I was going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel and was like, 'Let's just do it.'" So, boom. There you go. 

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Out of all of the Kardashian girls, Kendall has always seemed the most conservative and like the least likely to get a nipple piercing. Perhaps hanging out with all those edgy fashion people has influenced her? Whatever the reason, I say good for her. She's young; she's beautiful; she should do what she wants. 

Actually, more surprising than the fact that Kendall got her nipple pierced is her statement that she was going through a rough time. Of course, everyone has problems, but when we look at gorgeous celebrities -- especially ones like Kendall! -- it's hard to imagine their ever having anything to worry or feel insecure about. 

That said, though, hopefully Kendall won't run out and get a piercing every time she's feeling down. Being a teenager sucks. If we all went out and did something rebellious every time we felt down during those years, every single one of us would be covered in head to toe piercings. 

Food for thought, Kendall. Food for thought.


Image via Splash News

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