A 'Sexy' Donald Trump Costume Is All You Need to Make People Hate You This Halloween (PHOTO)

Someone made a "Sexy Donald Trump" Halloween costume, and no, it's not going to make America great again. It's not even going to make Halloween great again. Halloween was pretty good to begin with. But anyway, the costume is already out there so you might as well look and get it over with. 


There's Trump's signature red cap. There's a blue suit, of sorts. Instead of slacks there's booty pants, naturally. And there's Trump's comb-over, un-naturally. It's pretty much what you'd expect. The only thing that surprises me about this costume is that there's no plunging neckline for cleavage. I guess that would be hard to work in with the important red necktie, but you could always loosen it and unbutton the shirt for an extra dose of sleaze.

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You can almost hear Donald Trump himself selling it. This is a huge, major, super-classy costume. It's something terrific, I'm telling you. Luxurious. Only winners can wear it. No losers, no zeroes, no slobs, no morons, no clowns, and definitely no illegals because how are you supposed to climb over a Mexico wall in those shorts? Only a bozo would do that. An illegal bozo. Now look at the costume.

Who would even wear this?!?

This costume is available for $70.00 (plus extra for the hat and the wig) on Yandy.com under the name "Donna T. Rumpshaker" ... for obvious reasons. 

Okay, you survived. And now, let us never speak of it again.


Images via Splash News, Yandy.com

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