Katy Perry & John Mayer Reunite -- Again -- at 'Girls' Star's Wedding

Well look who's back together again. Under the romantic spell of Allison Williams's wedding, Katy Perry and John Mayer clung to each other like they were in love for the eighth or ninth time. But before you write off this reunion, here's why we think it could actually take this time.


Perry and Mayer's relationship waxes and wanes with the moon. They were back together again in January, then broke up in March, then back together in July, then broke up before the month was even over. And that's just 2015.

Yet an insider at the wedding was able to muster the energy to tell People they're "definitely back together." Are they now? For as long as the champagne bubbles last or until the end of the week? "They are so in love," the source continued. "They missed each other." But not enough to travel to the wedding together -- the stars arrived and left separately. Still, there's photographic evidence that they were holding hands and arms and looking very lovey-dovey.

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They wouldn't be the first on-again, off-again couple to get caught up in the romance of a wedding and start taking their own relationship seriously. Maybe that's all they need. All I can say is John better work hard to make this time stick because he's not doing any better than Ms. Katy, ever.

One of the great mysteries of our age is what Katy Perry even sees in John Mayer. Here is a beautiful, fun, successful woman who could probably have just about any man. And upon whose unworthy person does she bestow her favor? John Mayer. What does she see in him that the rest of us are so blind do? We may never know. 

Whatever it is, he better keep it up. Make that woman happy, John Mayer! Don't screw this one up. You'll never get another chance like this again. We hope.


Image via Jackson Lee / Splash News

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