Everyone Is Hot for Prince Harry's Beard Much to Queen Elizabeth's Dismay (PHOTO)

Anyone who considers Prince Harry their favorite royal (hand raised) loves him because he goes against the grain in ways his older brother wouldn't dream of doing. Fans, and even his own family members, may have grown accustomed to hearing about his partying in Miami or seeing him jump from one hot blond girlfriend to the next, but Prince Harry with a beard? Queen Elizabeth isn't having it.


Prince William's 31-year-old brother was recently spotted sporting the mother of all beards -- an impressive amount of facial hair that he showed off at the Battle of Britain Flypast:

He hasn't had his beard for very long, and most likely grew it while performing charity work overseas, which is a totally acceptable thing to do, according to royal protocol. But you shouldn't get too used to his hipster look: Queen Elizabeth reportedly has a strict no-beard rule that she imposes upon all royal staff -- and fears her grandson is setting a poor example if he keeps his facial hair while in Britain.

This wouldn't be the first time Harry was told to get his hands on a razor and use it, pronto. In January 2014, the Queen apparently ordered him to shave because his beard had gotten too unkempt.

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It's unfortunate because, in my opinion, this bit of scruff makes Harry look older, more distinguished, and dare I say it: quite fine. But, at the end of the day, the royals are an extremely conservative group and have an image to maintain. Had he been born to another family, I could totally picture wild child Harry living in Brooklyn, playing bass in a band, and maintaining his bachelor status way into his 40s.

Harry may be the free spirit in his family, but at the end day he is as much a rule follower as William. He's also clearly enamored with his grandmother and respects her wishes. If she wants him clean shaven, I give him one more week with this beard before he shaves the whole thing off. I can't help but wonder whether Chelsy Davy is secretly thanking Queen Elizabeth for putting her foot down or begging Harry to keep it.


Images via Paul Edwards/NMA-Pool/James Whatling/Splash News

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