Duggars Dress Up Like Pirates for Free Doughnuts but End Up Showing How Fun They Really Argh! (PHOTOS)

duggar family piratesIt's not quite Halloween yet (though the stores are filling up with candy and costumes) and this isn't a family of buccaneers fresh on land looking for a village to scavenge -- it's the Duggars dressed up like pirates! The family is proving they will do just about anything for some free doughnuts ... or really, in the name of fun and family bonding time.


In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" (Johnny Depp's favorite, I would assume), Krispy Kreme had an incredible deal that if you came in dressed and speaking like a pirate, you would get a dozen free original glazed doughnuts. Yes, please!

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How did I miss this?!? I have a pirate costume and everything! Ahoy matey! I want doughnuts!

This was yesterday so I totally missed my chance. But the Duggars didn't -- 14 of them walked in all dressed up and talking like pirates, and they left with 14 dozen doughnuts. That's a lot of doughnuts -- though there are a lot of them. They even gave some away to some young people with a sign saying they were hungry. I kid you not. That happened. Good stuff.

14 dozen free donuts from @krispykreme for #PirateDay

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Headed to @krispykreme for some free donuts on #PirateDay today! @derickdillard #babypirate #piratefamily

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The photo of Jill and Derick with baby Israel is my favorite. That beard! Well done, Duggars. The family really needs times like these.


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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