Kris Jenner's Latest Comments About Scott Disick Will Make You Wonder Whose Side She's On

kris jenner, kourtney kardashianThere's no question that Kris Jenner and Scott Disick's relationship has seen its share of bumps, but it looks like Kardashian/Jenner matriarch Kris might be changing her mind about Scott and Kourtney's split being a good thing. (The question, of course, is how Kourtney will react to this unexpected shift!)


Not long ago, Kris went on record saying that long-suffering daughter Kourtney was her "hero" for leaving the charming but exceedingly unreliable father of her three children. 

"She makes good decisions," said Kris at the time. 

But in a recent exchange with Access Hollywood, Kris seems to be backpedaling on her earlier statement:

“Scott is like my son," she said when asked about the situation with Kourt and her now ex.

"He came over yesterday. He was on his way over to see the kids. He’s a great dad. They’ve got things to figure out.”

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Hmmm. What, Kris?? What do they have to figure out?? Sounds like Kris is sort of missing Scott, right? Just wait, because it's gonna sound even more like that in a second. When asked whether or not she told Kourtney to forgive Scott for what he’s done, Kris replied:

“I don’t tell her things like that because I don’t think that’s my place, but my kids were brought up to be very forgiving people. My wish is that, you know, they work it out and figure it out and we’ll see what happens. He’s a great dad and he loves the kids and he loves Kourtney.”

Wow. WOW!! This is huge!! Kris wants these two to work it out now?? So what was up with the whole "hero" thing??

My guess is that when Kris called Kourtney her hero, she was just super proud that she was finally standing up for herself. That's all she really wanted from Kourtney all along -- for her to set some boundaries regarding Scott's behavior. Now that she's done that, and shown she means business, maybe now Kris is thinking Kourtney and Scott would have a better chance at making it if they were to start over as a couple ... and who knows, maybe she's right! 

My other guess is that Kris probably just misses Scott. After all, these two could be pretty buddy-buddy at times:

scott disick, kris jenner

Awwww. Happier times, people, happier times. (Sort of.) I just hope Kourtney doesn't feel too confused (or betrayed) by Kris's comments. After all, it's her family's job to support her 100 percent right now! 


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash; Brian Prahl/Splash News

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