Kylie Jenner Attacked by Crazed 'Fan' Who Just Can't Resist Her Green Hair (VIDEO)

kylie jennerWhat's a really bad way to get your favorite star's attention? Probably exactly what an overly aggressive Kylie Jenner fan did as the 18-year-old star was leaving a Chris Brown concert on Friday, which was reach out and yank a big chunk of Kylie's newly mint green hair!


Luckily Kylie's security snapped to action immediately, but video footage of the moment is undeniably startling: Kylie's just walking along, doing that speed-past-the-paparazzi walk celebs do so well (with her boyfriend Tyga), when out of nowhere her head snaps back -- and from the look on Kylie's face, it looks like she was really in pain! Check it out:

Whoa, that's pretty violent! Granted, it was a brief moment and Kylie's perfectly fine, but I wouldn't blame her for being rattled by the incident. Anytime a stranger makes sudden, uninvited physical contact with you -- particularly painful physical contact -- it's pretty unpleasant. And at this point, Kylie's gotta be wondering what's coming next. If one fan thinks nothing of reaching out and pulling her hair, what's to stop another fan from doing ... who knows what?? Slapping her across the face? Dumping a bucket of water over her head? Seems like Kylie Jenner fans have strange ideas about how to express admiration.

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Or, you know, at this point maybe Kylie Jenner's ever-changing hair is a celebrity in its own right. Maybe it wasn't a Kylie Jenner fan behind the hair pull, maybe it was a Kylie Jenner Hair fan who forgot those pastel tresses were actually attached to a human head. Or maybe, just maybe, it was a TYGA fan who pulled Kylie's hair -- a rabidly jealous Tyga fan.

Maybe Kylie Jenner should start wearing hats.


Image via Splash News

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