Joe Manganiello Is 'Primal' Like His 'True Blood' Character With Sofia Vergara

sofia vergara joe manganielloYou always wonder what celebrities are like in real life -- it's so easy to think they are like the characters they play on TV and in movies. It seems, however, that Joe Manganiello is quite the savage (in a good way) when it comes to loving Sofia Vergara. Julie Bowen likened Manganiello to a caveman when he's with Sofia. Sofia must find this extremely hot.


And why wouldn't she? Didn't we all dream of Alcide from True Blood? I know I'm not alone. Northman certainly got a lot of fantasies, but Alcide was a close second. He's number one for Vergara. And we didn't even mention the fact he really knows how to move his body as evidenced in Magic Mike. My goodness!

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Bowen, who as we all know stars in Modern Family with Sofia, said:

He’s like a caveman with her. It’s sexy! I love it. She’s so strong, and so [used to] calling the shots all the time, and then you see them together and there’s a part of her that kind of melts. It just warms your heart when you see that, because it’s not all the time that you can tell that there’s an aspect to this relationship that’s very — how shall we say? — primal.

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Adorable. These two are almost too hot to be a couple -- they are perfect together and got engaged after six months of dating. True Love! Their wedding is planned for November and I cannot wait to see what the bride will be wearing. Something sexy, I bet. And I hope Joe keeps that salt-and-pepper look in his beard -- it's incredibly hot. I wonder if he howls ...


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