Kate Middleton & Prince William Go on Rugby Date: Here's the Play-by-Play (PHOTOS)

kate middleton prince williamI think it's safe to say we know Kate Middleton's favorite color: Blue! The 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge chose yet another blue-themed ensemble for her latest outing, the Rugby World Cup, and she even got Prince William to coordinate with his tie. But the cute couple hijinks didn't stop there!


No, the pair was ridiculously adorable for the whole freaking match. Not only were they sporting complementary hues, but they were also totally in sync in pretty much every other way, too: Laughing, clapping, making eye contact ... it was a real royal love fest, all right. Check it out:

kate middleton, prince william

Aww, sharing a rugby-themed secret, perhaps? Or maybe they're making bets. My money's on Kate!

kate middleton, prince william

Then they shared a meaningful gaze. Rugby is so romantic!

kate middleton, prince william

Unfortunately, rugby is also a bit boring at times. (We feel you, Kate!)

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kate middleton, prince william

Then Kate was like, "Wait, who is he talking to? Do I need to be smiling at somebody?"

kate middleton, prince william

Then she was like, "Oh, I do! I do need to be smiling! Hello there! Having fun at the rugby match?? Me too! It's not boring at all!!"

The royals: They're just like us! Wearing blue, smiling, getting bored, being sociable ... going home to Buckingham Palace. (Okay, maybe not that last part.)


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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