Lindsay Lohan's Defamation Case Gets Thrown Out of Court Because Her Bad Reputation Is No Lie

linday lohanLooks like yet another setback for Lindsay Lohan, whose defamation case against Fox News has been thrown out of court by a judge who doesn't seem to buy that comments made on Sean Hannity's show about LiLo and her mom Dina Lohan's drug use actually tarnished her reputation.


Hmmm, is that because the judge considered Lohan's rep to already be tarnished beyond repair? He did say that "truth is a defense" (which sort of sounds like a burn, if you ask me), and that because Dina is a public figure and the statements on the talk show were not made maliciously, they could not legally be considered defamation. 

What exactly were those comments? Basically, it was a conversation about LiLo and Dina doing cocaine together. Which, sure, isn't something you want people saying about you and your mom if it's not true -- or even more so if it is, actually. (Damning evidence pointing to the latter: audio tapes of a phone call LiLo made to her dad from the back of a limo saying, "Mom's on cocaine.")

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Anyway, Fox News apologized for the segment way back in February, admitting that guest Michelle Fields's comments couldn't be verified, but they still said they will "defend this case to the fullest.”

“The remark about which Lindsay and Dina Lohan complained was made on live television by a guest nearly a year ago,” said a Fox News rep.

“We removed the segment from our archives altogether last February and also apologized on-air. At that time, the Lohans did not make any demands for money, and we are surprised they are doing so now.”

Perhaps the Lohans have hit hard times? Let's hope they find a way of getting back on their feet soon that doesn't involve dredging up old legal disputes.


Image via Tony Clark / Splash News

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