John Stamos's 'Ovaries Are Jingling' ... Next Thing You Know, He'll Be Pregnant

johnstamosFor years, we've been hoping and praying that John Stamos would someday decide to reproduce -- it would be such a shame to let those stellar genes go to waste, after all. And now it seems as if the 52-year-old actor is finally starting to feel the same way!


In an interview with US Weekly, the star of the upcoming series Grandfathered admitted that the role (as the title suggests, he plays a parent and grandparent) has him feeling the urge to procreate, big-time:

"My ovaries are rattling. Do men have ovaries?" he said. "They're jingling. I can hear them jingling now."

And here we thought Stamos was deliberately, permanently childless! (We also thought he had a basic understanding of male/female anatomy, but never mind that.) I mean, it's not like Stamos hasn't played a dad before -- who can forget his adorable twin "sons" Nicky and Alex on Full House? He seemed like a perfectly fine father on camera!

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Then again, Stamos did admit recently that he tried to get the Olsen twins fired from that same show because they "cried too much," so maybe he really wasn't ready to entertain the idea of raising children until now. Hey, better late than never -- and it's not like the guy has to worry about his biological clock ticking. 

But the question remains ... is there a potential mom in the picture? Or hey, who knows? Maybe Stamos won't even have to do anything to start a family. Maybe life will imitate art and, like the character he plays in Grandfathered, he'll suddenly learn that he's a dad and grandpa after years of bachelorhood. 

"Everybody on the show is single and we're all adjusting to this new life," he says. "Of course, some of it is my point of view. Like, oh, my God, I've got a kid, a grandkid."

Fingers crossed those words come true for you, John! 


Image via PG/Splash News

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