Lady Gaga's Latest Single Delivers an Intensely Personal Look at College Campus Rape (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga has never shied away from making a statement with her music. But Gaga's new video for "'Til It Happens to You" is a wild departure from her typical flamboyant fare. With this video, Gaga takes you by the face and literally shows you in black and white how easily our girls are victimized on college campuses and how difficult it is for them to be heard, much less ever receive any kind of justice. And then she shows us exactly what we can do to help turn the tide.


If this video feels intensely personal, that's because Gaga herself has spoken out about being raped at 19 by a record producer.

The song itself was included in a college rape documentary called The Hunting Ground.

"It gets better, you'll be fine," she sings. "How the hell would you know?"

The video so beautifully shows us that no two assaults are the same and no two women's reaction to being raped is the same. Tragically, the one thing the victims in the video all seem to have in common is their complete isolation from others as a result of the trauma. It also shows us that the damage inflicted by rape lasts long after the attack is over.

Then something beautiful happens. Other people, noticing the change and sadness in their friends, reach out to them, love them, listen to them, and then stand and walk beside them. Because while no woman can know what it's like to be raped until it happens to her, we all know how to reach out and listen. Together, we can help pick up the pieces.

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"'Til It Happens to You" ends with the shocking message that 1 in 5 girls on college campuses will be sexually assaulted this year and that if you are in need of help in the aftermath of a sexual assault to call 1-800-656-HOPE.

It's great to have Gaga back and fighting as hard as ever for the causes and people she cares about. And she sounds damn good doing it.


Image via LadyGagaVEVO/YouTube

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