Will Smith Posts Sweet Birthday Message to Jada & We're Almost Buying It (PHOTO)

Have you lost your faith in (Hollywood-style) love after the Summer of Celeb Splits 2015™? Because Will Smith just posted birthday wishes to Jada that could make you believe again. That is, unless you're a no-fun cynic who thinks he's just trying to prove they're still solid after all the divorce rumors.


Why would you think that? Why do you have to be like that? This is why we can't have nice things!

SIGH. Anyway, it's Jada's 44th birthday, so to underscore how old they've gotten honor their years together Will posted this throwback photo from when they were a young, adorable couple. Maybe even before Margot Robbie was even born, I don't know.

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Will decided to "do some math" and tally up all the birthday presents and kisses and candles. Isn't that endearing? Although, as a general rule, it's usually not a good idea for husbands to do the math when it comes to age. We're not all evolved enough to handle that information. Jada may be, but I'm definitely not.

This was taken at your mom's house 20 years ago. That's a long time ago!!! So I decided to do some math... I have sung...

Posted by Will Smith on Friday, September 18, 2015

I wanted to love this post. I read it and thought, Aww, that's exactly what I'd want my man to say to me after 20 years together! If that ever happens.

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But no. Everyone I shared this with told me, "Yep, it's spin. He's trying to prove their marriage is not on the rocks." And so my dreams were dashed.

We could both be right, though. This could be a cheesy ploy to distract us from the rumors AND it could be a sincere gesture. It's possible. This is Will Smith we're talking about. In fact, maybe it's not even us he's trying to win over -- maybe it's Jada! He's appealing to their history together. He may want to spend 15 minutes in a photo booth with his co-star, but "of the nearly 3.96 Billion women on the planet there is only 1 that I want to spend the rest of my life with." Wait, did that sound cynical?


Image via @Parisa/ Splash News

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