Prince William's Boss Politely Asks Fans to Leave the Poor Prince Alone

After Princess Charlotte was born earlier this year, Prince William went back to work as a helicopter pilot. He started as an emergency responder with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which is all well and good ... except now the charity is getting a taste of the royal life, and they don't like it one bit. Prince William's boss respectfully asked well-wishers to leave them alone, and let them do their work in peace. Yeesh.


Here's the thing: We get it. The publicity is hard if you're not used to it, and working around paparazzi and fans and love letters must be difficult and supremely annoying ... but shouldn't they have expected this?

I mean, Wills has one of the most distinguishable faces in the U.K. (maybe the world? I don't know. Can't confirm that one). But the guy is second in line to the British throne. He's ROYALTY. He comes with baggage. 

Sure, he's also a talented ambulance pilot, and surely an asset to their team. Which is why they want to keep him around, and keep all the love letters out. Or something.

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Prince William's boss, Patrick Peal, wrote in the charity's newsletter:

A number of our supporters have already been in touch with us asking if we can pass on messages to The Duke of Cambridge.

Unfortunately we are unable to do this through any of our charity staff or offices and respectfully ask that such requests are not put to our staff please.

Really, it doesn't seem like a lot to ask. We SHOULD be leaving him alone -- he's working in emergency situations and getting in his way could mean somebody's life. 

The letters and messages are of course a little less high-stakes -- at their best, they're going to be a nuisance. But a nuisance, apparently, that we should avoid.


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