Jessica Simpson's Bizarre Home Shopping Network Appearance Didn't Hurt Sales (VIDEO)

Wowee, was Jessica Simpson drunk for her Home Shopping Network appearance? People on Twitter sure seemed to think so. They said she seemed under the influence of something. Not that it hurt her sales at all. 


Thank goodness Simpson wasn't on screen alone. She appeared alongside her mom Tina and host Colleen Lopez, who appeared professional and totally sober. Which is more than you could say about Simpson.

Geez, was it really that bad? I think that's just her personality!

I watched a short clip and seriously, she seemed her usual self -- which is to say dizzy and distracted. Simpson has a lot of smart people supporting her brand and business (Daddy). But she's no Warren Buffett. Truth be told, I think she knows she doesn't have to be 100 percent alert and focused to sell her clothes on HSN. She just has to look pretty and keep talking. 

I wouldn't be surprised if she did have a glass or two or three or seven before this so-boring HSN appearance she was probably dreading, even though it earned her a boatload of dough. She could have been nervous and felt like tipsy Jessica would be more entertaining than stiff, sober Jessica.

Anyway, like I said, it didn't hurt her sales. Lopez congratulated Simpson on her sold-out show via Facebook. "Yayyy! Moneeeey!" Simpson probably cheered just before she passed out in bed last night. It's good to be Jessica Simpson Johnson.


Image via Splash News

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