Kris Jenner Still Can't Bear to Call Caitlyn Jenner by Her Name

When Caitlyn Jenner revealed her transition in Vanity Fair this summer, changing her name from Bruce was one of the most symbolic transformations she made. But one person in her family isn't on board yet: Kris Jenner reportedly says she still can't call her Caitlyn -- proving this period of their lives has been extremely challenging for her.


Kris, who was married to Caitlyn for more than 20 years, reportedly told Access Hollywood she's still "getting to know her" now that her ex is living her life as a woman. As a result of all that has been thrown her way in just a few months' time, Kris admitted she isn't ready yet to call the former love of her life by a new name.

"I say 'Jenner,'" she reportedly said.

The two reunited on I Am Cait a few weeks ago at Caitlyn's Malibu retreat and Kris was unable to hide the shocking look on her face when she first confronted her ex living her new life as a woman. Instead of slamming Kris for not inviting Caitlyn into her life with open arms, I have to side with her here and insist that it's perfectly understandable why she wouldn't embrace this drastic change overnight.

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Kris isn't saying that she doesn't accept Caitlyn for who she is or that she's closed off to the idea of becoming more friendly with her. She seems to be trying to hang out with her more often and work out their differences, but she also has to think about herself here. I'm sure there are issues she needs to address on her own -- she has to deal with the emotions she has after finding out the person she raised children with and loved more than life itself wasn't who she thought (to be fair, Caitlyn didn't even know who she was, so I'm not judging her or insinuating that she was dishonest).

I'm sure Caitlyn is mature enough to realize those who truly love her are going to come to terms with her transition, but that they're not all going to be on the same page when it comes to how long it will take them to adjust. Our names have power because they help establish our identity -- in order to truly accept her, Kris will have to agree to call her Caitlyn. But it should only happen when she can say it with sincerity, which will only be possible once she truly feels ready to let go of Bruce and welcome Caitlyn into her life.


Image via caitlynjenner/Instagram

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